Top 6 Classical Music Videos For Children


Listening to classical music is beneficial to everyone, adults and  children.

It increases pupils’ listening power, musical knowledge and aspirations.

Having young children listening to classical music boosts their concentration, self-discipline and their social skills.

You can find more about the benefits of classical music here.

How easy is to make our children start listening to classical music and eventually love it?

Most everything we do in life is based on the habits we have formed throughout our life, especially in the early years.

Listening to classical music can become a habit for those who have always listened to it. So, start your children young! 

But what if your children are not so young and you lost the chance to pass them the love for classical music?

When our children haven’t used to listen to classical music from an early age, they seem to find that classical music is slow and boring.

Well, classical music is not boring at all!

Classical music is adventurous!

It can inspire you!

It can excite you!

It can make you dance or move around the room!

But also it can relax you.

It can calm you down.

The top 6 videos I chose can help them stick with the sounds of classical music and eventually learn how to enjoy it more.

Choose one video at a time.

Set your children/students and yourself confortable and watch the video together.

To watch and listen to these videos from YouTube you need your phone or a tablet (for bigger screen) or a tv screen. But most important is that you need good bluetooth speackers. I recommend the following:

For a small a room:

For bigger rooms or classrooms:

What are the Top 6 classical music videos for children?

Of course there are many classical music videos to watch with your children or your students and at the end of this post I put a link to a  wider playlist.

But I choose the following videos as a start because I have watched them with my own children and my students (ages 5-15) and they not only listened to classical music more than a minute but they also enjoyed it and learned a few things about music, instruments, structure(form), music history.

So here we are:

Top 6: Rimsky Korsakov The flight of the bumble bee

This is a beautiful animation for this well known piece easy to watch and listen:

Top 5: Dmitri Shostakovich, Waltz no 2.

A beautiful waltz and beautiful version in Line Rider. It’s so interesting to watch.

Top 4: Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy by Tchaikowsky

Another beautiful classic piece that is easy and interesting to follow with the Line Rider

Top 3: William Tell Overture by Rossini

An amazing race that kids will love!

Top 2: Beethoven’s 5th symphony

This symphony is a classical masterpiece that everyone should know. Watch the famous ‘argument’ by Sid Caesar and Nanette  Fabrey:

Top 1: Ode to Joy by Beethoven Flashmob

The Top 1 video to watch with your students or your children that will keep their interest. I like this flashmob because of the way the instruments enter. Children watch and listen to every single instrument. Enjoy it!

The list is way bigger than this. Check this YouTube list that I’ve created to get you inspired by more classical music videos.

I would love to hear your own favorite videos, I would be glad to add them to the playlist.

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