Summer Fun Music Workshops For Your Students (part 1)


It’s almost the end of the season and it’s time to plan our summer lessons.

Lessons that are different from the usual music lessons we used to teach. Children need educational programs for their summer which are going to be fun, creative, will demand less to none studying, will educate them and will leave them with beautiful experiences and memories.

We are looking for workshops that are going to fill children’s day with learning how to create music in groups, working as a team and have unforgettable music experiences.

The workshops that are recommended below are for children aged 7-14 but since you get the whole idea of these workshops you will be able to plan and arrange your own  workshops for specific ages like 5-7, 7-10, 11-14, 13-16 etc



A wonderful workshop for your piano students of any age and level.

Piano students usually play alone or in duets. In this workshop they learn to play in groups and listen to each one of the other players’ music.

If you have two or more pianos in your studio you can have groups of three to six students.

Give them piano scores of popular songs or soundtracks and they will love the idea! There is a variety of suggestions, you can make your own list of music and songs for piano ensemble.

In each piano ensemble workshop you may have children of different or same age, elementary, intermediate or advanced levels. If you have a group with only elementary or beginner levels you may have to play with them.

Give each student its own music score (one child might play with the left hand, another might play with the right hand,  chords, arpeggios etc)

As soon as they learn their part, they would love  to play all together.

In piano ensemble workshops children learn how to work as a team,they  learn how to interact with the rest children in the group and they definitely enjoy making music.

Check this playlist to get some ideas.

The reccomended songs in this playlist are:

Rock Around the clock

People are strange

Conquest of paradise

Angry birds

My favorite things

Tetris theme song

Summer nights

Pirates of Carribean

The piano scores for the ensembles in this playlist and many more will be soon available on our website  to purchase.

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These colourful plastic tubes that you can use in workshops with your students and be creative, have fun and enjoy your day.

You can use the boomwhackers for certain rhythms and melodies, songs, soundtracks and even classical music. You can have boomwhackers workshops with the accompagniment of a piano or workshops with only boomwhackers.

It can be a small group of students or a big one. It really depends on how many sets of boomwhackers you actually have and you are about to use.


In this playlist you will find your inspiration to create with Boomwhackers.

Some of the reccomended songs are below. Just click on them to watch the videos.

Habanera (from Carmen, Bizet)

The lonely goatherd (from the Sound Of Music)

Alla Turka (Mozart)

Dance of the knights

Zorba the Greek

The lion sleeps tonight

The eye of the tiger

Sweet dreams

Boomwhackers Fun!

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