Reflections and Resolutions 2022 For Piano Players

Happy New Year 2022 everyone!!

Since we are at the very beginning of this new year I made a list of 8 new year’s resolutions for piano students.

The list will help piano students become better piano players and make the best of their piano practice.

These goals are achievable and beneficial for piano players of any level.


Before we start talking about the resolutions for 2022 let’s go back to 2021 and think of you as a piano student.

What were the best musical skills you achieved?
What was your biggest challenge?
What were you afraid of?
What is something you are grateful for?

Take some time and think. These reflections are important and they will  help you set your goals for 2022. You may write down your thoughts.

So here we go!

Resolutions for 2022

Practice routine

Make a practice schedule.
It is essential if you want to make piano practice a daily routine.

I recommend you set time and duration. It’s much better to practice at the same time every day.


Learn to play something new

Challenge yourself!

  • Choose to learn a piece that you’ve always wanted but never had the chance.
  • Or start practicing pieces from a new grade and set a goal to pass the exams.
  • Practice for a recital.
  • Learn how to play a duet or a piano concert.
  • Learn to play blues or boogie woogie.

The list is endless, you just have to discover what you like more.

Listen to  more music

Start learning more about a specific kind of music. This can be classical music,  jazz, country, musicals, soundtracks etc .

Start going to recitals and orchestra performances when available.

Search on YouTube or Spotify to discover different kinds of music.

Tune your piano

It’s always a pleasure practicing on a well tuned piano so call your piano technician and don’t waste more time.


Improve your technical skills

Practice your scales and arpeggios.

We all know they are your best technical support.

Find new ways  (new rhythms) to play them to become less boring.

Your teacher will help you on that.

Study music theory

Learn about music history and music eras. See pictures, movies.

Find out more about the life and work of famous composers and of course the composers of the piano pieces you are practicing.

Make new friends

Meet new people with the same  love for music and piano.

You can meet these new friends at your music school or at music class at school, at the university or at theatres or concerts.

Be open to friendships with people  with the same interest in music.

Believe in you!

This is the last resolution but probably the most important.

Believe you can be a better piano player.

You can do it!

The teacher is always there for you, to help and encourage you to practice.

So these are my 8 resolutions for a piano student. Don't waste more time.

Set your goals and enjoy the journey!

Piano Calendars and notebooks 2022

2022 piano calendars and  note books that could inspire you to write down your reflections and set the 2022 resolutions.


You may also read my post about Piano Teacher's Resolutions for 2022

All the best for 2022!

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