Piano Teacher’s Resolutions For 2022


We are in the first week of 2022 and my wishes for all are health, happiness and love and prosperity.

Here are my  resolutions for 2022.

These will help me and other music teachers set our teaching goals for the new year and make us better and more successful piano teachers.

Here we are!

Organize your piano books or piano pdfs

It’s really helpful to start this new year with an organized bookshelf and laptop.

Check your music books or pdfs, see what you have and put them in shelves or folders according to levels. How nice to have a refreshed list of what music you have and how relieving is to find what you need for each of your students easily and quick.


Search for new music.

Discovering new music is something that we all love. Either we are looking for new music for our students or we are looking something for us to play, is always a pleasure.


Practice your own, improve your skills.

How many of us are so busy with teaching, family, housekeeping etc that we don’t have the time to practice a new piano piece or  remember an old one that we used to love?

This is the time to set a goal for this new year. To set a time for your practicing. This might be 30 minutes everyday or three times a week. Set your own practicing time due to your own daily routine.

Students recital planning

You may had a Christmas recital but one can never be enough. Students and parents love watching and listening to their children. They can also see their progress and improvement.

Plan the next recital, you may choose a theme or you may not.

I would suggest you try mini recitals with 5-10 students at a time. Parents don’t spend much of their time waiting for 40 kids to play but they enjoy 20 minutes of piano performance instead. You can find more on my post Hosting mini piano recitals for your students.

Music workshops and summer plan

Don’t you need something special for your students every year? Something fun but educational at the same time?

You could organize some music workshops for them or plan a summer camp.

This is the time to do it.

Read more in my posts about workshops and summer camps below:

Summer Fun Music Workshops For Your Students (part 1)

Summer Fun Music Workshops For Your Students (part 2)

Boomwhackers Workshops For Your Students

You may also find boomwhackers music sheets to download for free or to purchase in my e-shop. You can visit it here.


Make lesson plans

Make each student’s lesson fun and interesting. Find new activities that you can add during the lesson time, set goals, challenges, new music, new skills for them.

You may find some ideas on activities or games in the following posts.

Pop its for piano lessons

Musograms, graphic symbols for music

Music Board Games, benefits and a guide


Make exams plans

This is a good time to plan the exams for your students. Find the pieces, scales and anything that is needed.

Communicate with the parents

It is the time now that you need to make some phone calls or meetings with the parents. If you haven’t done this before, writing a short report telling them about their child’s progress will be much appreciated by them.

You could also send newsletters to them every month so they know what activities and plans are there for their children.

Motivate your students to practice

Make a list of what you could do to motivate some or all your students to practice more.

You can read the post Becoming a better teacher that will help you with it.

Check on your policies and fees

Have you checked your policies recently? Do they work for you now, in 2022?

Maybe you need to do some changes, maybe not. Checking on them will give you the answer.

Have you checked the fees as well? Are you planning or wishing to raise your fees? If so, you need a plan to do it and you need it a few months earlier. So if you would like to raise your fees  from the new school year I suggest you make a plan now.

Promote your work

Maybe it’s time for you to promote your work a little bit more. You may have some free time and you would like to get a new student. As we know we get our students mostly by work of mouth but promoting our work is a good thing to do.

There is a new post I’m working on and it’s about finding ways to promote your work in social media without paying advertisment. If you are interested subscribe to my email list and I will send the post right to your inbox as soon as it’s published.

Professional development

Learning something new is always a challenge and a goal for me.

Although time is not always enough, set priorities.

Learn a new method, Improve your skills at a specific area you are interested in. Find courses for teachers, go to conferences, sign up for an online course.

There is always something fascinated for us as piano teachers, Explore what suits you more and go for it.

Side income-Expand your business

Maybe it’s time for you to raise your income with something relevant to what you know how to do best.

Have you ever thought of selling your resources?

Have you ever thought about expanding your business to an online business?

Or start an online business from scratch?

If you are interested in this area click the button below and I will send you all the details you need  with FREE VIDEOS  to watch that will help you decide what is best for you and how to do it.

These are my resolutions  for 2022.

Create  your own list based on anything that you feel is suitable to you for this year and start 2022 with the best potentials.

I wish you have the most beautiful, creative and profitable year ever!

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