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    It’s already August and the new school year begins in a month!

    My to-do list is already filled in with many topics.

    Searching for new piano and theory books to add to my library, writing a guide with the new books that each student music get, thinking of new challenges for this year, redecorating the place (kids always love a few changes) buying some new staff for the school are a few of the topics in my list.

    During my  research about all the ones mentioned earlier, I found some interesting items to buy for my piano studio that is going to make my work a bit easier and mostly me and my students  happier.

    Here is my top list with items I am going to order  or I already have from Amazon.

    New stickers and animal erasers!!!

    Stickers and erasers are a must for my students. It’s the recognition of their work, of their practicing, and their progress.

    The more unique they are the more they like it.

    This year I decided to search in the internet for some music stickers and erasers and these are my favorites.

    Piano Keyboard Rug

    The piano keyboard rug I found is ideal for my young students. We can learn the notes with it using our hands or legs or even some toys .

    It will also be a great decoration for my  piano teaching room.

    An alternative to the rug can be the  Floor piano pad keyboard which will be a great fun for everyone.

    I think I will buy both of them!

    Games and toys for finger practice

    A good hand and fingers posture are important. I’m sure each of you have a lot of ideas and ways to help your students achieve a well shaped hand and rounded fingers. For some students this comes natural, for others it’s not that easy and they need some extra help..

    I always try to find new ways of helping kids with their fingers.

    For this year I chose the following:

    Pop it game board with dice

    Pop its are fun and very useful when it comes to children that need to work their hand and finger posture. You may read more about the advantages of the pop its in Pop its for piano lessons.

    This pop it  is bigger than others and can be used in  different ways.

    To read my suggested ideas of using this pop it game board click here. You may also get for free the pop It Flashcards for the suggested pop it game straight to your inbox:

    The Art of



    Mini finger shoes (with or without a ramp)

    Another  excellent way of practicing our fingers without a keyboard.

    ‘Wear the mini shoes’ in your fingers and walk or try to climb the mini stairs. You may also try to skateboard with them!

    Magnetic rings fidget toys

    These fidget toys are a great help for children with weak fingers and those who don't feel comfortable with using their fingers a lot.

    A new piano stool

    This year I feel I need an adjustable piano stool for my piano.

    Since I teach piano ensembles I need good piano stools.

    I am very pleased with this buy.

    Miniature instruments for my collection

    I love miniature musical instruments and for that reason I have a good collection of them.

    Adding one or two mini instruments every year to my collection is a must.

    For this year I ordered the following miniature instruments.


    Here are some more beautiful miniature musical instruments to start building your own collection.

    Adjustable pedal extender

    An adjustable pedal is a great purchase. Ideal for small children who use or are about to start using the pedal.

    These were my top items to buy before I get back to teaching in September.

    If you have already used some of these items, feel free to leave your comments below.

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