Musograms, graphic symbols for music


Musograms or Muzograms are graphic symbols embedded in a given piece of music.

Children follow the graphic symbols with their hands while listening to the piece of music.


Check the following video to find out what exactly is a musogram.

As you see in the video it's a wonderful tool for a music teacher for many reasons.

  • We can teach children rhythm and melody in an easy, different and interesting way.

  • Musograms are also great for introducing music masterpieces from different eras to children in a fun way.

  • Using these graphic symbols children learn hand and finger control which helps with their instrument playing.

  • Besides the fact that musograms develop musicality in children it is a  fantastic tool that allows improvement to many other areas of child development.

  • It improves manual dexterity which is a great tool for hand therapists as well.

  • It also develops attention, cocentration and visual-auditory and motor coordination.

You can have the free pdf of the musogram of Les Toreadors Carmen (video above) here:

Les Toreadors


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You may also want to check our new musogram Badinerie-Bach.

You can get it here

Watch more videos in this YouTube playlist

Click here to get a free musogram by Muzykacik.

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