Music Board Games, Benefits and a Guide


Do you play music board games with your students?

If yes, you know the benefits. If you haven’t tried it yet, there are many good reasons to start using the music board games during  lesson time with your students.

This post is not about the online music games that we had to learn how to use, and we have used,  during the pandemic and the online lessons.

This post is about the benefits of music board games that we play with our students in person during a lesson.

Many studies talk about the benefits of board games in children’s life.

But what are the special benefits of Music Board Games in a piano/music lesson?

5 Benefits of Music Board Games

  • Board Games Are Opportunities For Learning Music Skills.

There are music board games that require note reading, rhythm knowledge, general musicianship, composition.


There are music board games that students need to identify notes, values, accidentals, composers etc.

There are matching games that students need to match composers with their works, note pitch with the proper clef, note values and many more.

There are music board games that students get to know the keyboard topography well.


In this video children learn the composers and musical instruments while playing a memory game.

  • Music Board Games Help Students Sharpen Their Focus.

By playing music board games students get the opportunity to practice matching, counting, observing, keeping a score.


  • Music Board Games Can Be An Alternative to Time Out

You can play with your student during a 5 minute break that you have. The students  get more relaxed, happy and ready to go back to piano playing after playing a board game.

  • Music Board Games Boost Teacher and Student Relationship.

Students interact  with their teacher without any stress. Student plays with his teacher. How beautiful this can be? They play a game which is great because it reduces stress and brings laughter. This helps shy kids, too.

  • Music Board Games Help Students to Build Resilience and Work As A Team.

To play a music board game means children follow instructions. They learn patience and the concept of waiting for one’s turn.

They also learn to bounce back from a disappointment and keep pushing towards an end goal.

They learn to win and loose. They learn to congratulate the winner and be happy with other players’ success.

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and  I remember. Involve me and I learn."

Benjamin Franklin


There are various music board games that you can purchase for your piano studio or music school.

You can find games suitable for any age or grade. Some of them are downloadable so you can print them out easily.

TopMusic Marketplace has a great store with a variety of music board games.

You can also search  among many music board games in Teachers Pay Teachers website. You can also find some other music games or flash cards in JwPepper.

Musopoly is a very nice music board game and you can find more in Music Mind Games Store

You may search for music theory games, lesson plans, board games in Making Music Fun.

You can also check KiddyKeys shop.

Musical Spelling Bee by Melody Payne reviews treble and bass clef notes.

88MusicalKeys has some printable theory games.

Greek Music Board Games

In  Fagotto Books you will find great music board games in greek.

You can find interesting Free Printable board games in Color In My Music by Joy Morin.

But you can also make your own board games.



Making diy music board games can be fun.

There are many suggestions and ideas that  might help you.

Click on Diy Music Education  Games to find out how to make your own music board game or to transform another board game to a music one like Musical Jenga which is one of my favourites.

I have a FREE pdf for you so you can create your own musical Jenga.  You will also get your downloadable freebies to make your own music memory game here.

 Organize a DIY music board game workshop for your students and have fun while creating your own games. Your students will love it!!

There will be a guide on Diy Music Game Workshops soon on my website. Don't miss it!

As you see the variety is huge.

Do your research.

Find what suits best to your piano studio, you and your students and go for it.

Set a music board game corner in your teaching room as I mentioned in my post How to create a positive music learning environment and get ready for some fun  with your students while learning and playing.

You can play during a 5 minute break time or students can play while waiting in the waiting room with their parent or a friend. Students may also play music board games at special occasions (workshops breaks etc).

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  1. Υπέροχες ιδέες! Χρησιμοποιώ κι εγώ στα μαθήματά μου μουσικά επιτραπέζια και δίνουν πραγματικά φρεσκάδα στο μάθημα! Θα ήθελα να ρωτήσω που θα μπορούσα να βρω τις εικόνες με τους συνθέτες από το diy επιτραπέζιο που φτιάξατε. Ευχαριστώ εκ των προτέρων!

    1. Σας ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ για το σχόλιο σας! Δυστυχώς το συγκεκριμένο diy επιτραπέζιο για λόγους copyright δεν μπορώ να το μοιραστώ. Σε λίγες μέρες όμως Θα ανεβάσω pdf για μουσικό παιχνίδι μνήμης και έτσι θα μπορέσετε να φτιάξετε το δικό σας παιχνίδι με τις εικόνες συνθετών που θα προτείνω. Αν έχετε εγγραφεί στη λίστα email του Music Teaching Inspirations θα ενημερωθείτε μέσω email. Σας ευχαριστώ και πάλι!

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