Free Manuscript Pages in 8 different sizes

Do you have little ones struggling with identifying the note names on the stave?

Or struggling with writing notes because the stave lines in their manuscript book are really small?

Here are 8 pages with different sizes stave lines that are suitable to small children or any other children with disabilities.

How to use them

You should start by working on the stave with the biggest size and as your student gets used to it (by reading and writing fluently the notes you are teaching him) then you move to the next size and you go on till your students is able to read and write on  the smallest stave.

It may take some lessons to accomplish reading and writing on the smallest size but this is not something to worry about. Each child has its own time of learning and the teacher must respect it.

Print the manuscript pages out as many times you need.

You may also laminate some of them to save paper. You can write on the laminated paper by using whiteboard markers. In this way you save paper and from my experience,  kids enjoy using  the whiteboard markers a lot.

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Free Manuscript Pages

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