Last Minute Essentials For Piano Teachers in December


Happy month everyone!! December is a unique month for a lot of people because of the Christmas celebrations.

We are getting ready for Christmas in many ways. By decorating our houses, the streets, the buildings, the shops. Schools have Christmas festivals and children learn to sing Christmas songs and carols.

Music schools and studios prepare Christmas recitals and everyone is enjoying the season.

For my own personal reasons I won’t be organizing a Christmas recital this year. This doesn’t mean that my students won’t celebrate this season with me.

I am planning special activities for them so we enjoy Christmas together in a musical way.

I am sharing my ideas for a festive month here to inspire you in case you are not having a Christmas recital.

Learning Christmas music

Christmas music is a must for our piano lessons in December. From the very beginner to the advance student, everyone should have a Christmas repertoire.

There are many books for all piano levels and age. Every piano teacher should have a Christmas collection with piano pieces. If you need more inspirations then check the following list.

My First Piano Adventures Christmas  books are perfect for early beginners.

My First piano adventures Christmas book B

The following books are suitable for late beginners  and elementary level.

For intermediate students

For more advanced piano students read the post Christmas piano books for more advanced piano players

Music Educational activities and games with a Christmas theme

In my piano studio December is dedicated to music educational games and activities. To learn  more about educational music games read the post Music board games, benefits and a guide.

Here are a few more ideas:

Christmas song puzzle:

Print out a Christmas music song or carol that your students already  know how to play. Cut the paper in smaller pieces (one musical phrase in each piece) and laminate the pieces. The puzzle is ready. Ask your students to put the pieces in the right order.  Jingle Bells is one of my favorite for this game when it’s for children up to 12. There are many arrangements, easy and difficult, find what most suitable for each of your students.

Jingle Bell rock is another suggestion for children 12+.

Christmas and other musograms

Musograms are always fun and what’s better than working on a Christmas musogram.

Check my post Christmas musograms for your students  and get Free Christmas musocgram.

If you want to find out more about Musograms then you can read the post Musograms, graphic symbols for music

To purchase  Bach's Badinerie musogram, which is a great add to your educational material,  click here.

A Christmas educational activity for your students

Christmas Musogram



Free resources with more activities:

The Twinkl website  is ideal for teachers of all kinds, therefore for music teachers as well.

There are many activities you can get for  free or by paying  a very small amount. The activities are in categories of age and subject.

Check this list out for ideas and inspirations.

Piano Ensembles

Piano ensemble has great benefits and it is fun for our students.

Read the post Piano ensembles for students to learn more about the benefits.

The choice of the music piece depends on the level, the age and the number of the students.

I have a few ensembles in my e-shop that would make a great addition to your music library.

My recommendations for the season are:

In the Hall of the Mountain King

My Favorite things

Shostakovich Waltz no 2

Boomwhackers ensemble

Boomwhackers are as popular as the piano ensembles.

If you want to know more about boomwhackers click here and you will find everything about them.

I have a few arrangements for boomwhackers in my e-shop. Most of them  come with a tutorial on what you need and how to teach.

My suggestions for the season  are:

Carol of the Bells  

The Hockey Pockey song

Teach each student privately, during their piano lesson and arrange a meeting with all the students involved on the last day before Christmas holidays begin. Then record the ensemble and send it to the parents or post it on your social media.

Christmas stickers and other gifts

In December stickers and other reward should definitely have the Christmas spirit.

You can find hundreds of Christmas stickers for your students everywhere.

But if no time for search the following are good suggestions.

If you are looking for last minute gifts for your student here are my suggestions:

More ideas for December activities with your students

The following posts may inspire you. It is not too late to organize something small but enriched with a lot of creativity, music and joy.

4-day Christmas Workshops

Christmas gifts for my piano students

Christmas 2021 music gifts

Coloring while listening to classical music (you can have a day of coloring while listening to classic Christmas songs)

I hope this post gave you some ideas and brought up the Christmas spirit in you!

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Enjoy this festive month with your students in any way you think is best for you.

Merry Christmas!

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