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Have you ever thought of the idea of creating a summer program for your students? A program that is going to inspire and boost your students' musical skills and performance and at the same time will give them the feeling of a summer camp?

As summer is coming closer, there are many plans in the air. The summer break is a great time for vacation planning and fun-filled activities for families.

In the meantime working parents are looking for summer schools to register their children in order to provide them quality time during those weeks that schools are closed.

There are various summer schools and summer camps every summer. Parents are called to decide which one is best for their children. Children who love swimming and water activities would choose a summer school that provides swimming and water sports.  Some summer schools provide sports activities, some others art and crafts. There are also summer schools that are suitable for children who love math or science etc.

Summer music programs

For children who love music and would love to spend a summer full of music and music activities , there are various music summer camps and summer schools in different countries.

These summer schools might not be available in all cities,  towns or villages or the area you teach.

In my town, for example, there wasn’t a summer music program of 2-5 weeks for children who would love music activities a few years ago.

That is why  I created  a summer music program  suitable for children aged 6-12 who play the piano and generally love music.

It actually started as  a program for my piano students who loved the idea of spending their summer mornings with me, creating and performing different styles of music and learning more about music theory, music history, instruments, form in music and more.

In the meantime some of my student's friends who used to play the piano liked the idea and joined the program too and had a wonderful time enjoying music with their friends.

I created this summer music program to keep  my students occupied with music activities through the 4-5 weeks of summer and at the same time to boost their music skills and knowledge further than a single piano lesson once or twice a week can allow us.

Are you interested in working with your students during summer?

Get the Summer Music Program Course

I have created an online course for piano teachers who want to work with their students during the summer but also want to offer something different to them.

The Summer Music Program Course  has been created  for  music teachers who would love to create a summer music program for their students easily and  by saving studying, researching and working hours to make it happen.

Everything a teacher needs to run a summer music school is in this course.

The framework, preprepared lessons, music sheets, resources, videos and a lot more.

The course is available to purchase here

"It’s an excellent opportunity for piano teachers to keep working with their students  with music activities and it’s with great pleasure to see that students become more creative in music and they don't give up practicing during summer months."

Elena P (piano teacher, Cyprus)

Benefits of the summer music program

I’ve been running my music summer program for a few years now and kids are very excited about it, they are looking forward to being part of it every summer.

The benefits are too many. Here are my top ones.

  • Easy to be hosted by a piano teacher at a piano studio or school

It is a summer music program which can be hosted at your own music school/studio for 2-5 weeks, from Monday to Friday (mornings or afternoons). It is a program suitable to children from 6-12 years old.

The program is also flexible enough so you can make your own day and time schedule.

  • Safety and trust

The parents don't have to send their kids far from home and at the same time they provide their children music education through fun activities and games within a safe, well known and welcoming environment for their children.

  • Suitable for a small or a big number of children

The number of children taking part in the summer music program  depends on the size of your school or studio and whether you will be teaching on your own or you will have an assistant.

  • Team building

During the summer  music program children spend about 5 hours per day (Monday to Friday)  playing music and taking part in various ensembles and other group activities which encourages  team building and develops friendships.

  • Expands musical knowledge

During the program children learn about music theory, rhythm, improvisation, music history,  instruments and of course they boost what ever they have learned in piano lessons through the year.

  • Different class content for each week

Having a different class content with special music themes every week makes it easier for new students to follow up. It also gives  parents and children the freedom to choose which weeks they would love to attend if not all. Some children have other summer camps to attend to but the summer camps usually last for a week. They can attend our summer music program during the other weeks and skip the one they have to attend to the summer camp of their choice.

  • Performances and self esteem

While children have fun we create unique music performances that we record at the end of each week and upload them on YouTube or we give a live performance for the parents. This is how we build self esteem and self confidence.


  • Art and Crafts during breaks

Between our music sessions every day, we have several breaks. During these breaks children learn to make amazing and unique crafts which develops among others self expression patience, concentration and  organizational skills

  • Outdoors activities once a week

Summer is fun and kids shouldn't stay inside all days of the week.

Within the summer music program children have music activities outside the school once a week which is a wonderful getaway full of experiences.

  • No need of much advertising

This summer music program is absolutely perfect for children who take piano lessons for at least a year.

Considering this music program can be hosted at a music studio by only you as the only teacher then you will probably inform your students about it and they will be definitely interested. They may also tell their friends from school to attend.

Of course, you may pay for advertising your program depending on how many students you would like to have in this program.

What's in the Summer Music Program Course

  • Summer Music Program Framework

Full access to a 4-week summer music program curriculum which I have created and been working with my students the last few summers.

  • Comprehensive lesson plans

Step by step instructions on how to structure each lesson or activity


  • Educational material and other important information 

In order to run a summer music program you definitely need to have the right space, instruments and other material. In the course you will get all the information you need in order to make your summer music program a successful one.

  • Scheduled timetable

Four suggested scheduled timetables, one  for each week of the program


  • Sheet music and printables

Downloadable pdfs of all the piano, boomwhackers and any other ensembles  that are suggested in this program.

  • Extra printables

Printable editable certificates of attendance for each week.

  • Additional resources

Free teaching material that you may want to use for your lessons, videos and teaching aids.

  • Suggested weekly fees and marketing strategies

Learn how to approach your students and their parents.

How to create interest about this summer music program.

What to charge and how.

  • Suggested craft ideas

During breaks children create unique crafts. In the course you will get lesson plans and general useful information about various crafts we suggest in the course.

  • Suggested outdoors activities

Outdoor activities in one of kids' favorites.

In the course you get suggestions about where you could take your students and how to fulfill the day with music and art.

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