Musogram Badinerie-Bach

Graphic symbols for children to accompany Badinerie

Badinerie Musogram and tutorial
This is a musogram on Bach’s famous Badinerie, dance no 7 from the orchestral suite no 2 in B minor, BWV 1067.
A great away-from-piano activity suitable for children from 5-11.

In this bundle you get pdfs of:
Badinerie musogram (6 pages)
Badinerie musogram in bigger symbols suitable for small children or children with dysgraphia
Badinerie practice cards.
Guidelines on how to teach a musogram
Guidelines on  how to use the practice cards.
Video tutorial for practice cards
Video performing of the musogram

What is a Musogram?
A Musogram  is a set of graphic symbols embedded in a piece of music.
It is a wonderful tool for music teachers and special educators for various reasons:
·       We teach rhythm and melody in an interesting and fun way.
·       By teaching a musogram, we expose children to great classical works which is really important
·       Musograms undoubtably develop musicality in children.
·       It also improves other aspects of children’s development like manual dexterity, attention, concentration, visual-auditory and motor coordination.


Course Instructor

Tonia Polykarpou Tonia Polykarpou Author

Badinerie musogram and tutorial


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  1. Mrs Polykarpou why dont you provide us the free pdfs that you are promoted at the start??? I have half an hour looking for them but no result. I gave you my email of course and steel nothing. I am sorry I was very positive at the begining

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