Let’s Play Music With The Boomwhackers

Learn how to play and teach Boomwhackers

A beginner’s guide about Boomwhackers and free music sheet pdfs with training exercises suitable for children and adults.
A course that will introduce you to the world of these coloful plastic tubes.

Difficulty: Beginner


Course Instructor

Tonia Polykarpou Tonia Polykarpou Author

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7 thoughts on “Let’s Play Music With The Boomwhackers”

  1. Thank you..I bought tubes 5 years before..last year got 1 pear of chromatic set and have 4 set of Diatonic ..try with pupils in a frame of school class..for New Year ..Nobody was not interested at school nor..ask what we played..I am a flute teacher..I performed melodies on little plastic fife one and the pupils were accompani..some sugestions were interesting ,thank you.
    Sincerely Marika

  2. Hi
    I signed up to have a look at the free boomwhacker course, but it says I need to enroll to view the content. I can’t see anywhere to enroll. When I click it tells me to sign up which I have done. When I try and sign up from the boomwhacker course page, it tells me I’m already signed up, then loops back round to telling me I can’t access the content without signing up page. I’m going round in circles.
    Please can you help.

  3. Hi- I have signed up for the membership, but cannot access the free boom whackers course that I would like to have to teach at school. I’m unsure what I am doing wrong and would appreciate help in accessing this course. Thanks!

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Let's play music with the Boomwhackers

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