Christmas Gifts For My Piano Students


Christmas is the season of the year that we love to offer and get gifts. It’s the season of love and joy.

As a private piano teacher I feel the need of giving a Christmas present  to all my students. It is my way of making them feel unique and special for me.

I organize Christmas crafts workshop for my students. I don't buy a gift, I don't make one either.

What I give them is the whole experience of making the gift on their own, with the help of me,  their piano teacher.

We spend about one hour together, listening to beautiful classical or modern Christmas music and we create our own unique Christmas creations. They are really happy and proud to take their lovely crafts at home and decorate their room or living room with them.

How I organize the crafts workshop

I set up a date, it is usually the last Saturday before Christmas holidays and send the invitation to the parents entitled ‘Christmas gifts workshop’. This  has been a tradition at my music school for more than 10 years. The older students look forward to that day and the new ones get very exited about it.

I choose different materials every year to make handmade gifts and these are usually Christmas ornaments such as sock snowmen, snowflakes, reindeers, gnomes, cards, pebbles etc.

Christmas crafts for 2021

For this Christmas I decided that we create snowflakes, Christmas balls for the tree and sock snowmen for the newest students (all the new students adore sock snowmen)

I buy all the materials and I ask my students to bring an old sock for the snowman.

For the sock snowman you will need:

  • A sock (it can be white or any color)
  • Pebbles
  • Cotton puds
  • Hot glue
  • Buttons, eyes and whatever else you need to decorate the snowman

For the Christmas tree ball ornament you need:

  • Plastic ball ornaments, see picture (you can find them in local stores or click here to order it on
  • Printed music sheets
  • Ribbons,
  • Pearls

For the snowflakes you need:

  • wooden sticks,
  • acrylic paints,
  • glue
  • decorating stones, pearls,  and buttons

Workshop Day

  • Prepare the room. Set up craft corners. Each corner will have the materials to make a different Christmas creation.
  • Put some music on (children love Christmas songs or Christmas music).

I like to organize boomwhackers workshops every Christmas so I like combining these two at the same day. Students may spend two hours playing music and creating beautiful crafts.

If you want to find more about my boomwhackers workshops read this post.

So next Christmas, organize your crafts workshops for your students and they will love it!

It’s a great way to spend a winter Saturday morning or afternoon and feel proud of themselves creating beautiful and unique Christmas ornaments and decorations.


All the photos in this post are from my crafts workshops over the years.



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