Christmas 2021 Music Gifts For Students And Teachers


While Christmas, this gift-giving season  is approaching, everyone is making their gift lists. What to buy and for whom.

As piano teachers, our students are on that list and we want to give them something special every year.

Music teachers also receive their Christmas gifts from their students and their parents.

The cost of the gifts for a teacher is pretty affordable but the cost of the students' gifts depends on how many students you have. Choose according to your budget.

If you are a teacher and don't wish to spend a lot of money for gifts then here is an alternative:

Give all your students seasoned sweets and get only one gift that is going to be given to a lucky student after winning a game or after completing a challenge.

Get your ideas from the list:

Top 10 gift ideas for music students and teachers

Stationery music set

There are beautiful items to purchase like pens, pencils, paper clips etc. You may create your own gift set by adding them in these cute Music Notes Treat Bags.

You can choose 2 or more items depending on how much you would like to spend for each student. The variety is endless but here are my favourites:

Handbag for piano books

A very useful gift would be a waterproof handbag for their piano books.

Piano Tree Ornament

There are so many amazing music tree ornaments  for teachers or students. The following would be the best choice.

Music manuscript paper book

These are  always a must for a student or a teacher.

Sticky music notes booklet

This can be a gift on its own or you can add a few sticky notes in the stationery set mentioned above.

Musical key ring

Kalimba thumb piano key ring

A very special gift for everyone, suitable for students, teachers, family and  friends

Candy or choco treatments

There is no way that your student or a teacher won't be excited about this. Beautifully packed in these music themed goodie bags

A musical speedy game


Other wooden musical tree ornaments


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