Can I Learn Piano As An Adult?


Adults can definitely learn to play the piano in a way that’s successful and enjoyable.

Of course they won’t come to the level of a professional soloist pianist but they can certainly learn how to play their favorite songs on the piano, read from a music book or improvise.

They just have a different way of learning than a child.

Reasons to start piano lessons as an adult

There are various reasons an adult would take the decision to start piano lessons. Most common are:

They are  parents of adult children and they have some extra free time now and want to start a new hobby.

|They are  parents or grandparents and would love to play some music with their children or grandchildren who just started piano lessons.

They have a job that keeps them busy many hours a day and they want to do something that will keep their mind away from work’s daily routine.

They are adults who used to play the piano as a child or a teenager and they want to refresh their skills and start playing again their favorite pieces.

They like music and would love to learn how to play their  favorite songs on the piano.

They want to start a new hobby that is going to keep their brain activate and at the same time have fun.

They found out that music is healing the soul and you would love to go deeper by playing or improvising music on the piano.

What are the benefits of   learning the piano as an adult?

Learning the  piano has a lot of  benefits for everyone, children and grown ups.

Top 5 pros to start learning the piano as an adult.

  • Relieves stress, decreases depression

Studies have shown that playing music reduces stress. It has effects on cognitive function, mood and quality of life in older adults.

Music has also a well-known impact on the emotional state.

In the same study piano lessons decreased depression, induced positive mood states, and improved the psychological and physical QOL of the elderly.

  • Improves  memory and brain activity

Reading music and playing a musical instrument is a complex activity that comprises motor and multisensory (auditory, visual, and somatosensory) integration in a unique way.

There’s just so much for an adult brain to master: two hands, two musical clefs, emotion, phrasing, performance anxiety.

  • Improves aural skills

Learning the piano will help you with your musical skills generally. By playing the piano you train your ear to melody and  rhythm. This will help you with your singing and dancing, too.

  • Improves attitude to problem solving

Learning to play the piano is not easy for everyone.

It presents new challenges that may lead to some kind of disappointment or even failure.

Adults want immediate results. They want to understand what they are doing and waiting for results when they do it right. But performing isn’t that simple. It requires daily practice, a little bit every day, like 20 minutes, is way better than 2 hours in a day.

By taking regular piano lessons adults become more patient and relaxed.

They learn to have faith in their daily progress, learn not to expect instant results and therefore it makes them better persons with less stress and more discipline.

They learn to improve their problem solving abilities and of course their self esteem.

  • Motivation and purpose

Adults learn to set small goals for every lesson. They are achievable goals that will help them learn a piece or a song easily. In this way they have a purpose and a motivation.

Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and purpose

 Victor Frankl

Is learning piano difficult?

I wouldn’t say that learning to play the piano is easy but unlikely children, adults decide to start piano lessons because they want to.

Children usually start piano because their parents said so and they just agreed.

When adults start piano lessons  they know exactly why.

They know they would love  to play music and they know the benefits.

Do I need  to get a piano?

Keyboards are not good enough if you want to learn to play the piano.

If you don’t have an acoustic piano and you can’t afford buying a new one then I would suggest you go for a used (not very old) piano or alternatively you should get a digital piano. There are some very good digital pianos with 88 keys and with the weighted keyboard that is similar to the original acoustic piano.

My recommendations

A digital piano is a good choice to buy when you decide to start piano lessons. The best digital pianos have 88 weighted keys, built-in speakers and sunstain pedal.

Yamaha P series are extremely good. Depending on your budget I would suggest Yamaha P45, P71, P125 or a bit more expensive the Yamaha P515 Professional Digital Piano.

Korg digital pianos are also a great choice.

Can I learn piano without a teacher?

Undoubtedly having a good teacher is very helpful and makes learning  a lot easier.

It’s a fact though, that there is a huge variety of online piano courses, apps and videos that promise to teach you how to play the piano easily and fast.

If your musical skills are good enough, you have the sense of rhythm and melody and your fingers are playing the piano keys without tension then it will propably be easy for you to learn piano without a teacher. You just need to find a good online course.

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Adult Piano Students

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Why  do I need a piano teacher?

  • Lack of rhythm

If you are  passionate about music but you are not born with a sense of rhythm  this doesn't mean you are not capable of learning  piano. This just means you  need one-to-one attention from a piano teacher who is going to encourage and support you in your music  learning journey.

Don't worry, your musical skills will definitely improve with the help of a good teacher.

  • Stiff hands and finger tension

A piano teacher will help you with your body and hand posture,  provide you personal guidance and give you the  exercises you need in order to get over any stiffness and tension that is keeping you back from playing.

  • Need encouragement

If you are not good at setting goals and achieving them,  a good piano teacher will always encourage and support you.

  • Need of interaction

Having a teacher to be able to talk to during your learning process is very important to some people.

Especially if you live on your own, you are retired or you job is keeping you away from people during the day, you might need someone to interact with and  play some music together.

  • Special requirements

If you desire to learn to play specific songs or music then a teacher will definitely help you with this more than any online course. The teaccher will teach you whatever you want to learn and help you develop your musical skills in order to achieve your goals.

  • Refresh music skills

If you had piano lessons as a child and you want to remember how and what you played,  a piano teacher will certainly guide you the best way.

How to choose the perfect piano teacher for me?

The choice of a piano teacher is extremely important for the seccess of your learning.

You need a teacher who is going to inspire you and make you feel capable and confident.

He is someone who understands you and your needs.

He is someone who motivates you.

He is the one who makes you feel accomplished and content.

Look for that kind of teacher, find the one that feels right for you.

'A student is always motivated to practice if he leaves his lesson feeling capable’

Frances Clarke


Music has always been there for human kind.

To our happiness, our pain, our grief, our wins, our celebrations, our loss, our accomplishments.

It’s a fact that 20% of kids learn to play music, 70% of adults wish they had.

You don’t have to be an adult who wished he knew how to play the piano.

Be an adult who knows how to play the piano.

It’s never too late and it’s not too difficult to be achieved.

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Adult Piano Students

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