All you need to know to teach boomwhackers. What are they? How do we use them? What are the benefits?

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    Boomwhackers are individual colorful plastic tubes. Each  color produces its own musical note and it’s great fun to

    They can be played in many different and interesting ways. Struck with the hand, bang them together or in the floor are the most common ways to produce an endless array of sounds.

    They are easy to set up and quick to implement

    Through a fun call and response style of playing children or adults will learn a collection of rhythms and songs that will have them playing together within a short timeframe.

    Benefits of playing Boomwhackers

    According to research undertaken in Mexico with Boomwhackers, taking music lessons increases brain fibre connections in children and may be useful in treating autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

    But there are benefits for everyone who plays boomwhackers. Some of them are listed below.

    Learning music and rhythm

    Boomwhackers are a great way of teaching music at schools or music schools. Children learn melody and rhythm with great enthousiasm.

    Team building

    Boomwhackers teach people how to cooperate and build on team skills. This makes playing music with boomwhackers a great activity not only for children at school  but also for adults.

    Therefore it  can be used  in conferences or business trainings. The employees have fun, work together and  listen to each other.

    Strengthening relationships

    Boomwhackers are also good at strengthening relationships between a small group of people like families and friends.

    Parents with their children can have sessions with boomwhackers and learn to have fun together while each one listens to each other.

    Natural energiser and stress relief

    A Boomwhackers session is beneficial for everyone. It’s a natural energiser, everyone feels very energetic after the session and stress relieved. Therefore it can be used in birthday parties for icebreaking.

    Teaching  Boomwhackers

    Teaching a group of children or adults how to play a song with the  Boomwhackers can be a fun and exciting experience.

    The variety of songs that can be played on boomwhackers is unlimited.

    By clicking  Shop you will  find songs for boomwhackers  in categories according to their level of simplicity or difficulty. This makes it easier for you to choose which songs or which variation of a song you may teach for a certain group of students. More songs will be available to purchase every week


    If your students are familiar with the boomwhackers then you pick a song from the list and start teaching it.

    But if your students are nor familiar with Boomwhackers then I suggest you spend about 15-20 minutes introducing boomwhackers to them.

    During the introduction students  learn what boomwhackers are and that they can produce sounds with the boomwhackers in many different ways (there are many ways).

    Finally they should learn how to play  as a group. Give them something small but good enough to value the importance of team playing and  interaction with others.

    After the introduction everyone is excited and happy with themselves and you are ready to proceed to teaching the song you are about to teach.

    Get the Boomwhacker's Guide and Introduction for free below.

    Let's Play Music With The Boomwhackers

    A FREE COURSE about Boomwhackers with downloadable exercises for the beginner. Also  a great teacher's guide.

    What Boomwhackers to buy

    Boomwhackers come in diatonic or chromatic sets but they also come in teacher's packs.

    Below you can see and purchase the diatonic C-c set , the chromatic set, the bass diatonic set, the bass chromatic set, the treble extension set and the octavator tube caps which lower the pitch of each boomawhacker one octave.

    You may also need to have a look at these teacher's set pack:

    How many boomwhackers sets should you have?

    The amount of boomwhackers that you are about to use or need depends on the field you are about to teach.

    You can teach a simple melody, you can teach the accompaniment of a song or you can teach both.

    Read the Free Boomwhackers guide Let's Play Music With The Boomwhackers to decide which and how many  boomwhackers sets are best for your students' needs.

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