Boomwhackers Workshops For Your Students


Christmas is around the corner and this is the time all teachers make their preparations for this beautiful season.

Some teachers may want to work with their students for Christmas recitals and this is a lovely season to organize one.

On the other hand some teachers might want something less stressfull than a recital but also more fun and exciting for their students.

If you are that kind of teacher and you want a fun, creative, musical and educational activity for Christmas season then you should start preparing Boomwhackers Workshops for your students.

If you have already planned your Christmas recital and you would love your students to perform somwething extra and different then you should teach them a song on Boomwhackers.

They are suitable for any age and level. You can have workshops of two students and more.


    What are the Boomwhackers?

    Boomwhackers are colorful plastic tubes that produce music sounds. Each colored tube produces its own musical note.

    The sound is produced  when boomwhackers are struck on a surface (floor, chair, table) or on parts of our body (hand, leg or knee). Two boomwhackers can also be struck together.

    They were invented in USA in 1994 by Craig Ramsell and became very popular since then.

    They can be used easily in groups of two but also in groups of hundreds.

    They are used in US and Europe for many years for entertainment, for learning music and  for team building.


    Why Boomwhackers Workshops?

    With Boomwhackers children learn rhythms and melodies in a great and fun way.

    They learn how to work together and listen to each other.

    A Boomwhackers session is beneficial for everyone. It’s a natural energiser, everyone feels very energetic after the session and stress relieved.

    How to teach boomwhackers?

    There are different ways of performing a song with Boomwhackers

    Choosing the right song and the right teaching method is very imprtant for the group's success.

    • Accompany a song with Boomwhackers

    By accompanying a song means that the melody of a song is played on an instrument (usually piano or keyboard) or sung by someone and the boomwhackers accompany the melody by playing notes chords.


    This is another way of playing a song with  the boomwhackers.

    This can be simple enough for young students playing popular children's songs like Mary had a little lamb or Twinkle Little Star but it also can get very challenging depending on the song you choose.

    If your students are familiar with the the boomwhackers then  go straight with teaching the song of your choice.

    But if your students are not familiar with Boomwhackers then I suggest you spend about 15 minutes introducing boomwhackers to them.


    During the 15 minutes introduction students should  learn what boomwhackers are and they should learn to produce sounds with the boomwhackers in many different ways (there are many ways).  Finally they should learn how to play something small as a group but good enough to give them the idea of playing boomwhackers and how important is to interact with the others.


    Introduction to teaching Boomwhackers-Free Guide

    This is a free guide on how to introduce boomwhackers to a group of people (children or adults) suitable for any occasion like classroom, family team, business group, birthdays etc. It’s also the perfect way to introduce boomwhackers to a group before you teach them a song.

    The free Boomwhackers guide will be available soon with other boomwhackers music scores.

    You can have it straight to your email once you subscribe for it by clicking the button below.

    Buy your Boomwhackers

    Boomwhackers come in diatonic or chromatic sets.

    As a start I would suggest you purchase two sets of Boomwhackers, 2 diatonic sets or one diatonic and one chromatic. This of course depends on what kind of songs you are going to teach and on how many students you will have.

    The Octavator tube caps are valuable because they lower the pitch of a boomwhacker tube one octave.

    There is a treble extension set for higher sounds and there are also the bass diatonic and chromatic sets for lower sounds.

    You can see and purchase the available Boomwhackers here:

    Basic Diatonic , Chromatic and the octavator tube caps sets.

    Check out the teacher's packs:

    Here you can buy the bass and treble sets:

    YouTube Boomwhackers playlist to inspire you:


    Where to find music scores for your boomwhackers workshops?

    Music Teaching Inspirations is launching an e-shop where you can purchase your boomwhackers scores with informations about how to teach, how many sets of boomwhackers you will need and how many children should participate in workshop.

    Subscribe to our email list so we can keep you updated about the day of launching the e-shop and the new freebies that are coming .

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