Welcome to Music Teaching Inspirations.

I'm Tonia, a musician and a piano teacher from Cyprus, a beautiful island in the  Mediterranean Sea.

Thanks for taking time to visit Music Teaching Inspirations.  I created this space so I can inspire and help you be the best version of yourself and teach students with love, imagination and inspiration.

My goal is to help not only teachers but also parents and students value the power of music from an holistic approach.

There is music in every child and the teacher's job is to find it and nurture it.

- Frances Clark

My goal is to help teachers appreciate and enjoy music teaching so they can help students appreciate and enjoy the process of music learning.

But I'm also here to help music teachers with business problems that might face. My goal is to give you alternative solutions to the problems you may have.

Helping children and adults learn how to play their favourite music on the piano but mostly giving them the confidence that they are able to do it, brings me happiness.

Music is for all. It takes time, patience, effort, love and many more  but this is how Life itself is.

Music is life.  The way we learn how to play music is the way we deal with life challenges.

By teaching children how to play the piano, we teach them how to approach life.

Isn't that such a beautiful and inspiring thought for a music teacher to have?

Tonia Polykarpou


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