About The Piano Party I Organized For My Students


During the last week of this academic year I organized a piano party for my students.

It was a great party, we had so much fun and time all together!

It was a great experience for the children, they enjoyed it a lot!

If you are interested in organizing a piano party for your students, read my post to get some inspiration.

Why a piano party?

This academic year was a busy one for me.

There were a lot of challenges that my family and I had to go through and I felt the need of a summer break soon. For that reason I decided not to organize a piano recital. A student's recital would demand more work for me and the children as well and I honestly didn't want to put my self into this.

My students had their piano and theory exams in the beginning of June with great success and after that I just wanted to give them something fun but not stressful.

That's how I came with the idea of a piano party.

A one-hour party that was going to bring all my students from 5 to 13 together, with food and drink and various music activities.


Music activities for our piano party

  • Educational music board games

I created a few corners with various music board games. Most of my students are familiar with the music board games because it's an activity we often use during our individual piano lessons.

At the piano party they played with other children which was really fun and at the same time helped them with their team work skills.

To find out more about Music board games read this post.

Get FREE PDFS  on diy music games here

  • Mini recital only for children

The children performed one piano piece each in front of the other children.

There was no stress at all!

I wanted to give them the experience of performing to an audience but without any worries about making mistakes in front of their parents or any other relatives.

It worked! They all had their time 'on stage'  and  they also applaud their friends for their performances.

  • Announce the winners of our annual challenges

We had some challenges running through the year and during the piano party was the perfect time to announce the winners and give them their prize.

The challenges for my students for this year were three:

  1. A 30 piece challenge for beginners
  2. A 30 piece challenge for late beginners (2nd and 3rd year)
  3. A 15 piece challenge for elementary and intermediate students
  •  Food and drinks

There is no party without food and drinks!!

I made for my students their favorite 'troufes' which are chocolate balls with biscuits and almonds. I have been making these troufes for my students for over 25 years now and they loooove them!!

We also had some cakes, sandwiches and chips and  pop corn.

Some orange and apple juice and water as well.

I think food time was their best!

  • Handmade gifts for all my students

At the end of the party I gave each of my students a handmade bracelet with music notes. I put each one in a small paper back with a warm personal wish for a great summer.

  • Pictures and videos

Capturing moments with my kids, family and friends was always something that I loved.

Capturing moments with my students gives me a great pleasure.

We took videos and pictures, formal and a bit crazy ones and we enjoyed it!

Everybody was happy and ready for vacations!!


That was my piano party experience.

Now I am taking a two month break, getting ready for the new academic year with lots of new fresh ideas and inspirations!

What ever you chose to do during your summer, taking a break or keep teaching, I wish you have a great summer time!

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